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Raw Raspberry Slice

Posted on April 15, 2018

This recipe came about because my Mother had leftover raspberries that she didn't want to go to waste - valid, given the price for local, fresh and of course the best quality raspb...

Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Posted on November 6, 2017

This recipe came about with thanks to my die-hard, thrill seeking obsession for motorbikes... sounds strange right? I had the luxury of attending the 2017 MotoGP at Phillip Island ...

Garlicky Prawns

Posted on October 1, 2017

Serve this up with slices of our 5 ingredients chilli studded ciabatta and you've got a meal - sauteed prawns dripping in garlicky, buttery sauce ready to be mopped up with a crust...

Hasselback Chicken

Posted on

If you're looking to try something a little different, or pack some extra veg into your meal - this is the way to go. It's ridiculously easy, and fool proof - unless you cut all th...

Fast Lemon, Caper & Salmon Spaghetti

Posted on May 29, 2017

There is no room for failure with this dish. Some might disagree, given that it has only 6 ingredients, but unless you burn the house down trying to cook the salmon, it's a pretty ...