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Garlicky Prawns

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Serve this up with slices of our 5 ingredients chilli studded ciabatta and you’ve got a meal – sauteed prawns dripping in garlicky, buttery sauce ready to be mopped up with a crusty slice of bread with a pinch of heat to offset all that garlic… mmmmm

Hint – always mince your garlic when you really want to infuse the flavour, after many trial and errors, that’s the only way to really let the garlic loose.

Buy peeled prawns, uncooked, where you can – they can be hard to come by however so here’s how to peel and de-vein your prawns:

  1. Remove the head of the prawn by squeezing at the join and twisting away from you.
  2. Place your index finger under the shell at the top of the legs and gently pull down to slide the shell and legs off – this takes a lot of practice and to this day the first few prawns I peel I always end up having 3 pieces of shell/leg instead of one!
  3. Using a sharp, clean knife, make a small incision at the top of the prawn and slice along the back to the tail. I then use the tip of the knife to pull the vein out from the top and drag away from the prawn (and yourself) to remove the vein in one piece. Discard.
  4. Gently wash your prawns once all are peeled and de-veined, if you wish you can steep the prawns in icy, salted water once clean to restore the “natural” brine. Make sure you drain well before cooking, however.


12-16 peeled and deveined large prawns
3 tbsp. nuttelex
6 garlic cloves, peeled and minced finely
2 spring onion stalks, finely sliced
salt & white pepper, to season
1 bunch fresh, flat leaf parsley, shredded
1/2 c dry white wine


Melt the nuttelex over medium heat, add the minced garlic and saute gently before adding the prawns, wine and seasoning well. Allow the wine to simmer down, cooking the alcohol out - add the spring onions, fresh parsley and serve once prawns are cooked through. Drizzle over the remaining liquid.
NOTE: Prawns are cooked through once colour has changed to pink, with red tails and white flesh (little, to no opaque left).