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$ savvy homegrown Leek: re-grow your own.

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Now, we’re getting a little off topic but the point I have to make is this – fresh, homegrown, homemade recipes provide an enormous sense of satisfaction. Not only do you know exactly what’s been done to the vegetables and herbs, but they can’t get any fresher than straight from the ground!

We have a nice cycle of leeks growing, on a whim one evening I was chopping a leek and decided rather than compost or bin it – why not shove it in the ground and see if it grows? Can’t hurt.

The ground was damp enough. There was no digging required. I finished preparing the meal, walked outside with my leek end, picked an empty spot near to the herb garden and literally shoved it into the ground until I could only see the white top.

It worked. Now, we have numerous leeks growing. When we need a leek we simply cut one off at the ground and let it re-grow.

Yes they are smaller than store bought, but homegrown, hand picked trumps store bought – particularly when you can plant a couple of leek ends and have them grow back multiple times.

Now, we lay no claim to being astute gardeners. In case this doesn’t work for you, we’re located in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia – so I suppose depending on your soil, moisture, drainage the result will vary. But best of luck, give it a go – it’ll save you bin space and if it works, further $$$ in the future.


As many 4-5cm leek ends as desired.


From 1 whole leek, cut the root end off leaving approximately 4cm of length on the end.
Place the leek end straight into damp soil and push into the ground until only the round white top can be seen, level with the soil.
Leave to grow. During dry seasons water regularly.
To re-grow, cut grown leeks off at the soil level to allow re-growth.
Remember, wash well before use.