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the ultimate BBQ Vegan pizza

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Vegan + Ultimate? Yes (AND YUM). Yes. Read on.

Not only is this pizza VEGAN but it is the ultimate vegan pizza we’ve ever tasted! Not to mention an anti-vegan devoured every tasty morsel left of this pizza. So on a scale of Vegan V the Foodie the points go to the Vegan team because you’ve just converted a vegetable hating, fussy, meat eater. Don’t snicker too soon though or your crowd will stop raving about the flavour!

So we’re calling all Vegans, because we appreciate everything you do – everything you create, and as an animal lover I empathise with the choices you’ve chosen and I completely respect your choices.  And that’s why I’ve created this dish, out of respect for Vegans I’ve tried to come up with something that isn’t all time consuming or require  different plant based products in order to satisfy one person at the table, it’s based entirely on creating something that doesn’t require animal products that EVERYONE will eat without insolence to others and ultimately, ENJOY. It’s quite simple, it’s easy, and for those of you who don’t choose to be Vegan I won’t rain it upon you but I will let you in on a secret – don’t tell the table what it is until after they’ve raved on and on about how tasty it is.

To make things even faster, this recipe works beautifully with leftover roasted vegetables. If you’re cooking them for another dish, make a few extra and refrigerate them in a sealed container to last a few days before converting them to this delicious crowd pleasing dish.

We almost fell over the idea of this recipe, but of course being gluten and dairy free we have to be particular. We managed to pick up some gluten free tortillas that didn’t contain any dairy, OR EGG at Coles. Because the tortilla is reasonably thin, it made it easy to spread a layer of homemade pesto over and top with chilled roasted vegetables. The next step took all of 10 minutes – 20 if you include preheating the BBQ.


1 large bowl of mixed leftover roasted vegetables, or use any leftover chargrilled, skewered vegetables (we used capsicum – red and green, large flat mushrooms, zucchini, squash and a few green olives) However, don’t limit yourself, spinach works well on pizza as does roasted eggplant, pumpkin, tomato, chilli, spring onion, red onion (any onion), garlic.. Essentially many veges!
1 large tomato or 10 cherry tomatoes
4 tbsp. homemade pesto (see recipe here)
2 large pre-made gluten free pizza base or 3 gluten free tortillas, check the ingredients to ensure no egg or milk products
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil to coat the bases


Brush the underside of your base with olive oil.
Place your pizza stone – if using (not essential) on to the BBQ grill and close the lid, preheat for 10 minutes on medium heat.
Spread the pizza bases with leftover basil pesto.
Slice the cherry tomatoes or roughly chop the tomato and scatter over the pesto base.
Top with roasted vegetables.
Place in the BBQ on the stone – if using, and cook for 10 minutes or until the base is cooked and char lines appear when pulling up the sides.
Slice and serve immediately.