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Thai Green Chicken Curry

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Slow cooked perfection, in one pot

Although there are many “pastes” that can be purchased ready made, where all you have to add is like three ingredients, making your own from scratch is far more flavourful – and doesn’t take very long with these handy hints:

1. Ditch the mortar & pestle
2.  Don’t worry about “frying off the spices” for fragrance – you’re going to get this without the extra time and washing up

The trusted food processor is going to do the hard yards for you, as well as unleash the flavours we’re looking for.

When it comes to slow cooking, I’m a firm believer that it should ideally be the one crockpot – not frying off, bringing to the boil beforehand or any other fancy option. I have tried many recipes both ways and cannot confidently announce that the extra work is worth it, it simply depends on what you’re cooking and the effect you’re after.

So for this curry recipe, I used the food processor – I didn’t have the extra time to crush whole spices, blend, fry off or to bring the coconut cream to the boil. Needless to say, it’s just as good.

It might not sound like much protein when you see the ingredients list and how many it feeds, but it is very filling and extremely satisfying. I’ve said it serves 6, because we had 6 feeds from it – it may be more depending on your portion size but frankly, I went a little overboard with the first couple of servings 😉




1 brown onion
3 garlic cloves
2 tsp. chopped kaffir lime leaves
6 large, long green chillies
2 c fresh green beans
1 c fresh baby corn
3 stalks lemongrass
3 tsp. crushed coriander seed
3 tsp. ground cumin
1 tin bamboo shoots
2-3 cups water
270ml tin of pure Ayams coconut cream
1 tsp. white pepper
pinch black pepper
1 tsp. salt
1 bunch coriander
1 bunch basil leaves
2 bay leaves
1 tbsp. sesame oil
550g chicken thigh


Set up the slow cooker, drizzle sesame oil over the base and set to high.
Roughly chop the onion and place in the jug of a food processor.
Add the spices, peeled garlic cloves, coriander, basil, kaffir lime, chillies, lemongrass, white and black pepper. Pulse until everything is broken up, if the paste isn't forming drizzle a little water and continue pulsing until you have a very thick paste.
Pour the paste into the slow cooker.
Slice the ends off the beans, cut in half and set aside. Repeat with the corn.
Drain the bamboo shoots and set aside.
Roughly chop the chicken into chunks and add to the slow cooker, toss through the paste and then add the coconut cream. Coat the chicken with the coconut cream and paste, add the beans, corn, bamboo and stir. Add 1 1/2 c of water to the mixture and combine well. If necessary, continue to drizzle the extra water in until the mixture is only slightly thick, with plenty of liquid.
Add the bay leaves, stir through, place the lid on the pot and leave to cook for up to 8 hours. Where possible, turn the slow cooker to low and stir after the first 3 hours.
Serve, topped with chopped coriander, pea shoots, thai basil leaves and a little red chilli if desired.