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Spiced Fig Relish

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I am envious of those who have the blessing of a fig tree that bears beautiful fruits every year. For anyone reading this that does own a fig tree, having had a fig tree at our last home I also understand the frustration that ensues when you are racing the birds for the ripest, best figs on the tree! As the saying goes, “fruits of our labour”.

Blessed, yes. The price of figs is quite high, and I’ve only ever seen them sold as “ea” and usually with a $$ tag rather by the cents. So when someone offers you a bucket of figs? I will never say no.

I was inspired to make something that could be drizzled over pizza, or served on a cheese platter – or used as a component in a savoury meal, perhaps even with breakfast. Something that could be jarred and kept, as unfortunately these delicious fruits don’t have a very good shelf life.

So I made this, spiced Fig relish. I didn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen so I decided to try out an oven baked version. I thought by doing it differently, it would reduce the hands on time of stirring, stewing and overcoming the dilemma of substituting so much sugar. And it’s worked, yay! Delicious relish, and substantially reduced hands on time in the kitchen.


• A bucket of ripe figs • Apple cider vinegar
• Cinnamon stick
• Brown rice malt syrup
• tsp Agar Agar (natural setting agent)


Slice the figs and toss with equal parts vinegar and rice malt syrup.
Bake 200C until figs broken down and caramelised in the liquid. Allow to cool before jarring the mixture. Seal jars by your preferred method, I use a water bath for mine.