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Roasted Greek Style Veg

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A great starter for big dinners, the perfect warm salad for a crowd, a delicious & quick dinner… versatile at it’s best!

So flavourful and so simple. Ready in under 60 minutes and the only hands on time is the prep, it’s almost completely set and forget!

I am a big fan of just about anything with zucchini and squash in it (although this recipe doesn’t have squash in it, it’d be even better with it I’m sure)!

We’ve loaded some veg that we absolutely adore onto a tray lined with fresh tomato slices and a few of our Greek style favourites, with the inclination that ONE DAY we WILL devour¬†authentic Greek meals on the islands… one day.

The other wonderful thing about this recipe? Chances are you can make it with what’s already in your fridge and pantry, there are no rules, just vegetables (and leftovers for lunch… or a vegetable lasagna)!