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Occasions get the better of me

I have a tendency to overcook, or cook for an army as people tell me. That’s why I love occasions, it’s an excuse to go overboard. But sometimes certain occasions stump me, the traditional staples that we can’t eat are commercialised for the occasion – so instead of letting it get me down I like to think up ways to re-create it without losing out on the flavour, texture and appearance.

For this recipe, I altered (completely) my Mother’s sponge recipe for the base. Despite the zig zag from the recipe, it was still quite easy and definitely didn’t require any certain skill. You won’t even have to “beat” the eggs until thick for this.

So the cakey side of the recipe was reasonably easy, what worried me when I first tested this recipe was what I was going to do with the chocolate coating that is used to roll coconut. I opted for a method I used for my Vegan salted caramel & peanut protein slice because it gives you the element of chocolate without adding the dairy or sugar, plus unlike an icing the ingredients used help set the outside so it was perfect for coating.

We used dried coconut flakes for this recipe instead of desiccated, reason 1 – I didn’t have any desiccated on hand and reason 2 – the dried coconut flakes aren’t as sweet and are just as budget friendly. You can get them from most health food shops, for 500g ours was $3.50.



2 eggs
1 c GF plain flour
1/2 c GF cornflour
2 tsp. baking powder
pinch xanthan gum
1/2 c unsweetened almond milk
1/4 c brown rice malt syrup
1 tbsp. nuttelex
2 tbsp. extra brown rice malt syrup
1/4 c raw cacao or dutch cocoa
75g unrefined coconut oil
1 c dried coconut flakes


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (fan forced).
Line a lamington tray with baking paper.
"Beat" the eggs and 1/4 c rice malt syrup - note the eggs will form bubbles once combined but will not thicken, once the egg mixture reaches a runny, bubbly consistency stop mixing or it will separate.
Sift the flour, corn flour, baking powder and xanthan into a bowl.
Melt the nuttelex and add to the bowl.
Add the almond milk to the bowl along with the egg mixture.
Fold the ingredients in until just mixed.
Pour into the tray and bake for 25 minutes, or until golden and a springy (skewer comes out clean).
Allow to cool before slicing into small squares.
Pour coconut flakes onto a large plate, prepare a second plate or dish to put the completed lamingtons on.
Add the coconut oil and extra rice malt syrup to a jug and melt completely.
Once melted, add the cocoa/cacao and whisk in to form a runny chocolate mixture.
Pierce each cake square with a fork and use a knife to spread all sides with the chocolate mixture.
Once coated, quickly roll in coconut flakes and set on the clean plate. Continue until all squares are coated.
Refrigerate until serving.
**NOTE, you may need to reheat the chocolate mixture if it starts to set while spreading.