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How-To: Poached Eggs

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Give me any type of beef cut and I’ll make you a stellar meal, throw an egg at me to poach and I wish you luck

There once was a time I could cook and create just about anything your heart desired, but for the life of me, was incompetent at poaching an egg.

Omelette, scrambled, in a quiche, slice or boiled to any request – no worries. Poach me an egg you ask?

I’d run for the hills. Make any excuse. It’s so simple that there’s literally no room for failure. That perfection, the art of a whispy white that runs circles  around the yolk and oozes liquid gold when pierced? It was a no go, if it included poached during the hour/s of brunch it usually was read on the menu at the local cafe.


As I said, there’s no room for failure. So here’s the fool proof, 1Food proof that poached eggs are NOT as scary as they seem.

1. Either have chickens or buy your eggs fresh from a green grocer or someone you know with chooks.

2. There’s all kinds of wonderous myths on how to poach an egg. Some say milk. Some say vinegar.

Myth busting tip? Both work. ITS THE EGGS. They HAVE to be as FRESH as you can find.


As many eggs as you need.
Include extras for first timers.
Whatever and however many eggs you choose, make sure they are the freshest, free range.
A medium sized pot.
Water to cover approx. 1/2 the depth of the pot.
1 tbsp. vinegar


Bring the pot of water to the boil and reduce the heat, allowing the pot to continue a rolling boil.
Add the vinegar and use a whisk to create a whirlpool in the pot.
Crack 1 egg into a small, shallow bowl.
Whisk the simmering water again to keep the whirlpool running, gently pour the egg into the edge of the whirlpool you've created and let it run around the pot gathering and cooking the white of the egg.
If the whirlpool starts to dissipate use the whisk (without touching the egg) to run around the edge of the water.
Allow 3-5 minutes depending on how you like your eggs poached.
Remove with a slotted spoon and briefly drain on paper towel before serving immediately.