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Bite Size Basil & Tomato Balls





Cooking for a crowd? Or just trying something new…

It’s crispy, doughy, filled with pizza style ingredients – it’s not pizza, it’s balls of flavoursome pizza that are bite size, suit a crowd whether it be a football, cricket or other sporting gathering including kids birthdays. Not to mention, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar yet a tasty platter!

For our first trial, we used chopped tomato, basil,  a little Tofutti, a little minced garlic and some salt & pepper topped with a little shaved dairy free cheese (we use BIO) and an egg wash to emanate that gorgeous golden crustiness. They didn’t need anything else, biting into them there was an ooze of hot tomato and the aromatic presence basil gives when encased with it’s favourite flavour-some partner.

We haven’t included the filling, purely because these bad boys can be filled with anything you like – just be sure to not over fill or they will crack in the oven and lose that ooey gooey oozy flavour packed centre that you’re aiming for!

Ham & Tofutti is a sure fire winner with some homemade sauce, or perhaps an olive encased with a little oregano and some prosciutto is on the menu – whatever it may be, it’s sure to be delicious.

As always, have fun, play with your food and above all – enjoy xxx