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5 Ingredient Chilli Ciabatta

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You are correct. 5 ingredients to make this Ciabatta like loaf.

`Omit the chilli and you’ve got a crusty, soft, fluffy bread stick for making garlic bread. But we recommend you keep the chilli, for chilli lovers you’ll get the slightest hint of warmth after a slice of two and just a little after ‘bite’ for those that aren’t so into chilli.

This was a ‘first try’ success story, we needed something to mop up the garlicky sauce to our garlic prawn recipe but wanted something with a little flavour – chilli and garlic are great combinations so we decided why not make something infused with a little heat to offset the next mornings garlic breath?

We threw together some flour, a little gluten-free yeast, some water, a pinch of salt and some dried chilli – shaped it as a log, let it rise and baked it – voila! It was exactly as we’d imagined it would be, if not better. Needless to say, there’s none left… next up, we’ll be testing out a black olive Ciabatta. Stay tuned!


500gm gluten free plain flour
7g dry gluten free yeast
350ml warm water
2 tsp. dried chilli
1/2 tsp. salt


Add the yeast to the warm water and allow to foam (approx. 5 minutes)
Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius (fan forced) and line an oven tray with grease proof paper.
Meanwhile, sift the flour into a large bowl.
Add the salt and chilli, stir together and form a well in the middle.
Pour the yeast mixture in. Bring the mixture together and avoid over working. The mixture should be sticky.
Form a log with the mixture and smooth over edges as you go, dust a little extra flour over the top and then allow to rise in a warm space for 30 minutes.
Once risen, use a sharp knife to make a small cut along the top middle side of the dough.
Bake at 220 for 15 minutes before reducing the oven to 180 and continuing to bake for a further 20 minutes (or until golden and cooked through).
Cool on the tray before slicing and serving.