At 1Food, we aim to use as much fresh, locally sourced produce as we possibly can. However, we understand that's not possible all year round. So wherever we can, we grow our own herbs and veg staples or source what we can’t grow due to space limitations in the garden.

But, if the ingredient you're after isn't available, ask your butcher or your green grocer if they can order it in. There's no harm in asking and often, they’ll be able to order the produce in for you from another area.

If what you're after can't be ordered in, check out the supermarkets. In recent times, there’s been a lot of advertising for fresh, local Aussie produce. And it’s true. Supermarkets have had true, fresh Australian fish at the deli and fresh, seasonal Aussie fruit and veg – and they’re educating their staff to know when it came in, when to use it by and even advise on the flavours of the produce and their common accompaniments! And there's nothing better than creating a dish that suits the season.

For pantry items, we find ourselves reading labels twice to make sure it's safe because too many times we've spent dollars on products only to discover they're full of something we can't consume – or even better, there is the same product without a sticker saying it’s gluten or dairy free for a lower price.

We've discovered over time that some ingredients suit us, but every person and every body is different.

Some 1Food recipes contain ingredients that can be substituted. For example, if you don’t have a dairy allergy/intolerance, you can simply use everyday milk products.

If you do have a dairy allergy though, chances are you're strictly avoiding anything that contains cow's milk, goat's milk, cheeses, ghee, butter and milk containing margarine spreads, butter milk, cream, cream fraiche, cream cheese, mascarpone, powdered milk, whey, casein, ice cream… as you know the list is almost endless. It’s made more difficult with pre-prepared foods where we can’t be sure if there are traces of milk products.

So we’ve found the best alternatives for our recipes, that don’t cut out the flavour of the overall recipe and don’t ruin the look or texture of the final product.

To save you time and money, with the satisfaction of home cooked food - that is not only truly safe to eat but doesn't cut out the flavour, 1Food has been founded for you, your family and your friends - with just the click of a button, recipes at your finger tips.

A-Z Pantry Staples and Where to Find Them

• Agar Agar - Local Health/Whole Food Shop. 

• Agave Nectar - low GI, however high in fructose, dark or light agave can usually be found in health food/whole food stores and also the health/gluten free section of some supermarkets. If using as a sweetener limit the amount to 1-2 tsp. when using in baking. 

• Baking Powder - Woolworths/Coles baking section.

• Buckwheat Flour - available at Coles and Woolworths gluten free aisle or local health food/whole food shop.

• Butter alternatives (NUTTELEX/MEADOWLEA Gluten and Dairy-Free) - All usually available in Woolworths/Coles dairy aisle.

• Cream alternatives - Pure Coconut Cream, available in Woolworths/Coles Asian ingredient section and/or local health food/whole food shop. Lactose free Cream (ZYMIL) is also available from most Woolworths/Coles dairy aisle however is not suitable for whipping.

• Dairy free milks (Soy, unsweeted Almond, Cashew, Coconut) - If you're not making your own or don't have the time: Woolworths/Coles long-life aisles or local health food/whole food shop.

• Garlic - Green Grocer/Supermarket.

• Gluten free Gelatine powder - We use McKenzies! Available at most local health food/whole food shop or Woolworths/Coles flour/baking section.

• Ginger - Green Grocer/Supermarket.

• Gluten & Dairy free Cream Cheese - we use Tofutti available in most Woolworths/Coles dairy aisle.

• Gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, egg free self raising or plain flours - Local Health/Whole Food Shop or most Woolworths/Coles. We commonly use the Orgran brands and also the Macro.

• Guar Gum - Local Health/Whole Food Shop. 

• If you're lactose intolerant, Lactose free milk (LIDDELLS) - Calcium enriched, Full Cream, Low Fat, Skim - is available at Woolworths/Coles long life aisle.

• LSA meal - (Linseed, Sunflower, Almond) Woolworths/Coles gluten free section, or the baking aisle.


• Maple syrup (pure, not flavoured!) is available in Coles, Woolworths and usually local health food stores. We often will replace what would be a cup of sugar with a tbsp. maple syrup. 

• Nut meals (such as cashew or almond) - Woolworths/Coles baking aisle or nut section.

• Onions - Green Grocer/Supermarket.

• Potato Flour - Woolworths/Coles flour aisle.

• OzeMite - a small jar that requires a keen eye when scanning supermarket shelves, we have found this in the normal spreads aisle of supermarkets!

• Psyllium husk - Available at Coles and Woolworths in their gluten free aisle and also at most local health food/whole food stores.

• Pea Protein (unflavoured, pure) usually health food/whole food stores have a version of pure protein powder, and from time to time you will find pure protein powders on supermarket shelves at a good price - with no additives! 

• Rice flakes as an alternative to oats! Available at Coles and Woolworths in their gluten free aisle and also at most local health food/whole food stores.

• Rice (brown) flour - so far we can only find this at our local health food/whole foods stores! 

• Rice (white) Flour - Woolworths/Coles flour aisle.

• Tapioca Starch is available in our Asian grocery section at both Woolworths and Coles - arrowroot powder is also available in the baking section of both supermarkets.

• Spread Alternatives (CASHEW/ALMOND/PEANUT) - If you're not making your own or don't have the time: Woolworths/Coles long-life or local health food/whole food shop.

• Stock and stock powders - for vegetable, chicken and beef stock powder you can find the Vegeta brand in Coles and Woolworths herb/spice/stock aisle. For good quality liquid stocks that are gluten free Moredough Kitchens has you covered, available at local health food/whole food stores and most specialty grocers.

• Vegan Cheese (BIO Cheese) - Woolworths/Coles dairy aisle.

• Xanthan Gum - Local Health/Whole Food Shop. 

• Yeast - (BARLEY FREE) Local health food/whole food shop or Woolworths/Coles flour/baking section.