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A little history from the founder of 1Food...

Growing up on a farm in the Northern Region of Tasmania with fresh milk straight from the dairy was the norm in our household. I remember a lot of Saturday mornings that Mum spent making fresh bread for lunch and the week beyond. And before the farm, with only few memories, we had a block in town with a cottage style house and a monstrous vegetable garden – a memory where peas never made it to the table. At Pop's there were always vegies, great plates of home grown food and tales of where it came from. Mum always endeavoured to show us how to cook properly, with recipes passed down from our Grandmother and recipes she had created along the way. I learned how to cook the basics early on, with thanks to my Mother.

In my late teens I struggled with my diet and I didn't know what I could and couldn't eat. Everything seemed to have an adverse reaction. After months of trialling, I was told I was gluten and dairy intolerant. I suddenly had to get serious about understanding what I could and couldn’t eat, but I didn't know where to start. Supermarkets had not yet discovered the burgeoning market for products that suited people with specific dietary requirements – other than nut free.

Through trial and error, I began to learn how to make tasty food with the limited options available. Classically, people who did not have a gluten or dairy intolerance called gluten - dairy free bread “cardboard”. That was exactly what my husband said when I first met him – specifically, “cardboard would taste better”.

I started searching for recipes that were similar to what I grew up eating. I wanted to make that cake, that bread, that meal - I wanted to eat something that tasted like actual food. My tastebuds were bored and I was sick of eating food that didn't taste like anything. I was frustrated that I couldn't buy anything off the shelves and felt silly reading labels while other walked around me filling their trolleys and baskets.

One day I gave in. I spent a little longer in the kitchen. Determined, I made a cake that truly tasted like a cherry ripe. From that point on I knew it was possible to bake and to make dishes that were edible and delicious, unbeknown to anyone else that they were gluten, dairy and sugar free. Why sugar-free too? My husband is a diabetic, so he has to restrict his sugar intake – in particular refined sugars…making us a ‘three-strike’ family.

Consequently, I could never find recipes that suited all the prerequisites. Instead of continually trawling books and the internet, it became obvious that I needed to do something. With the concept in mind that it had to be recipes that will allow dietary-restricted people to enjoy great food, and easily, just like “normal” people can, 1Food was born. 

So vouching for the fussiest, here is 1Food. Real food. Real recipes. Made Gluten, Dairy and Sugar free.

We sincerely hope you enjoy! And of course, if there’s a dish you wish you could indulge in again – drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.

With love always, 1Food xx 

Where did the name come from? 

We thought of 1Food because it signified the incorporation of all recipes - old and new, recipes that everyone could eat whether gluten and or dairy intolerant, recipes that could be substituted to suit dietary requirements… It was short, sweet and made sense. It was a keeper.