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How does membership work?

Our monthly membership is less than a cup of coffee. For 6 months, $20 and for 12 months, just $30.

What's in it for you - and where's the value?

  1. Once you've paid for your coffee, it's over. Tomorrow's coffee costs the same as today. With 1Food there's 30 days of enjoyment, with stimulating new ideas to show off to your family and friends AND, you can keep going back and using those ideas over and over again!
  2. No ads. There's no pop-ups or interruptions slowing down your access to 1Food.
  3. A minimum of 4 new complete meal recipes every month. Contained within those master recipes, are numerous components that you can add to any meal - like salads, sides or my personal fav, fondant potatoes!
  4. Access to every recipe previously published!
  5. Did I mention no ads? We don't get any kickbacks. We’re doing this for you.
  6. No spam! When you subscribe you don't have to worry about where your information goes, it's confidential. You won't receive any emails from third parties.
  7. It's completely affordable. I budget... and if it can't fit in my budget, it can't fit in yours either (after all, we're all human).


1Food is proudly partnered with Snap Fitness 24/7 Warragul and Traralgon, VIC.

For all Snap Fitness 24/7 Club Members of Warragul and Traralgon (State of Victoria), simply contact your Club Manager or Personal Trainer for your exclusive discount code and receive 20% off your 6 or 12 month membership!